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Krutika Group Company, being one of the largest manufacturers of Incense Sticks in India is also a premier exporter of high quality incense sticks from Gujarat. Its products are sold in almost all major countries across the globe. MANUFACTURING It also has the flexibility to produce and design incense sticks for specific markets within a short period.

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Our Quality Assurance

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Ever since the inception quality of products has always been our top priority. Adhering to the international quality standards and safety guidelines, our quality control measures incorporate thorough inspections of our range.

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Having served the industry for nearly three decades we hold profound industry exposure and hence are in a position to comprehend the diversified requirements of our clients

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Client Satisfaction

Being functional in the industry for quite a long time, we have built a strong client-base in our national as well as international market.

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Pooja is daily part of all the Hindu families.

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in Sanskrit Pooja means prayer, Devotional service towards God, chanting mantras, lamps, dhoop, bhajan etc are all forms of Pooja. In Hinduism there are days on which different Gods are worshiped.

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Recent Product


The citric freshness of pineapple in form of incense sticks. A very rare of its kind, pineapple premium fragrance gives the perfect imitation of the fruity smell. Result of the expertise of highly experienced professionals and premium quality materials, pineapple …

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The colour blue represents trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere. reserved and quiet. and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. From a colour psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This colour exhibits an inner security …

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Green Wood

Green wood resembles to fresh wood which has been cut recently with a opportunity to having an internal moisture. Green wood contains more moisture than seasoned wood. which has been dried through passage of time Foe or by forced drying …

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Divine Kasturi

As the name suggests, Divine Kasturi is our premium range product. Kasturi holds a place in ancient scriptures from thousands of years. It has medicinal value which is mentioned in vedas. The fragrance of Kasturi is divine and graceful. It …

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Kesar Chandan

One of our finest product in premium range ~- Kesar Chandan is made from two of the holiest ingredients in Indian mythology. Kesar – which is a naturally occurring colorant and Chandan – which is one of the finest soothing …

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Our Clients

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