Gender reveal photoshoots are probably so popular because they’re so much fun. When it comes to how you’ll visually tell the secret of your baby’s gender, the options are endless. For instance, this photo shows the parents and siblings outside with bikes and wagons—and a tiny baby bike decorated with a blue-for-boy balloon.

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  • Allow the egg whites to steep in the bowls of food colored water.
  • Reveal the gender in a unique way AND create a lasting keepsake that can be displayed as abstract art in your baby’s nursery.
  • You might want to use that video in future to tell your kid how special he/she was for the entire family and how everyone reacted during the surprising reveal!
  • Jamie over at the denver housewife had the great idea to simply use sharpies in blue and pink and hershey’s chocolate bars for her gender reveal.
  • This way guests can make their prediction by taking photos with the blue or pink props.
  • Place the burnout pack between the tires, and one squeal will reveal if you’re having a boy or a girl.

The smoke bombs don’t reveal the color of the bottle nipple sizes smoke inside. This keeps the baby gender mysterious until the parents are ready to reveal the gender themselves. During the reveal, parents will open the smoke can and release the smoke.

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Check out this unique reveal from @marceloargentophotography where they had Cowboy dad lasso an unboxing of colored balloons. If soccer is your sport of choice, grab a gender reveal soccer ball, then kick it to reveal the gender! Adding in some giant letter balloons to spell out the gender like The Cake By Hannah, will make the surprise even more fun. Dye half of the eggs blue and the other half pink.

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Fill lots of opaque balloons with plain water and one with washable pink or blue paint. Have everyone head out to the back yard and start flinging the water balloons at one another. When the balloon with the paint pops, everyone will know the baby’s gender. A super cute gender reveal cake is the ultimate way to announce your baby’s gender at a party.

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Use buntings, paper blue and pink flowers, and try to use blue and pink cutlery. On the blue side, place blue color baseball bats and balls, and on the pink side, add cheerleader pom-poms . This is a fun outdoor theme for revealing the gender of the baby. You can use different aspects of a carnival to make the party colorful and festive. The theme of the party is time, so pick any color that goes with vintage clocks used to decorate the place.

Embracing a tiny pair of frilly shoes, this happy couple is expecting a new little girl. A photo op like this one would look best in a pregnancy announcement that includes your gender reveal – especially if you’re not planning on throwing a gender reveal party. A gender reveal party is designed to surprise all the guests with the fact that the baby is a girl or boy.

Did you do a gender reveal party or photo for your bundle of joy? Share in the comments and/or email me at I’d love to add it to our gallery to help inspire other expecting parents. These aren’t only treats, these are a part of décor. Pink and blue of all shades are your best friends here, too.

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Here you will find gender reveal party ideas, food ideas, and game ideas. If it’s a gender reveal party, it needs to be a pink and blue color theme. Unfortunately, if you are a health-nut, there are not a lot of options available for your gender reveal party. Strawberries are loved by everyone, then why not use them for your party. Coating your favorite strawberries with pink and blue frosting will not only leave your guests with delicious treats but also less calories to burn. All you need is a passion to bake, a little food coloring and a great backyard and you can create a magical gender reveal in minutes.