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Raga Premium

The raga is the most important concept of Indian music. The Hindi word “Rag” is NY Commodity – Incense Sticks derived from the Sanskrit “Raga which means “colour. or passion”. It is linked to Ng M. R. Po : &. 65.00 (Inet. of all taxes!
The Sanskrit word “Ranj” which means “to colour”. Therefore rag may be thought of wa Packaging : 12 Box (1 Dozen)
as an acoustic method of coloring the mind of the listener with an emotion. “Raga” o
is nota tune, melody, scale. mode. or any concept for which an English word exists. v S: FRUSUTE (approxb
It is instead a combination of different characteristics linked with emotions.

Raga is our SKU in premium range. Itis crafted to perfection with the export quality
materials with an astonishing perfume. While practicing music. it is an ideal ;
incense to ignite. It transcends to the perfect vibrations to accompany music. 0 Stick Size: 9 inch